The Thermocoin : the engineering space and astrophysic research crypto currency

I had the great honor and joy to announce the birth on of the Thermocoin in 7,703,223 unique copies in order to compete very quickly with the most flourishing current crypto currencies. By investing in the thermocoins on you are boosting development in astrophysic and engineering space research in propable connection with this theory and of a new axiom of unification between quantum and classical mechanics.

By deciding to create the thermocoin on, it was a question of putting another stone in the edifice of evolution. Of course, most people and investors want to invest or create crypto currencies to enrich themselves personally and enjoy life without any collective awareness of what will become of humanity. 90% of people think like this and don’t know that what we call money, cash, gold, stocks or crypto currency is just energy to coerce and allow human beings to extricate themselves from gravity. The problem today is the struggle between survival capitalism and hedonistic capitalism which absorbs too much energy at the expense of applied research.

When Elon Musk dumps down with Dogecoin for example, we know that he used this energy for a noble cause a priori. But why do some platforms disappear with several million stolen funds? I work to inform about the functioning of the universe as a whole and allow the development of research in space engineering through the thermocoin. For this, I try to get in touch with the right people and the right community to build the most logical future possible.



Thermocoins are attached with biogeometaphysic new theories concern the working of the universe. The three new concepts never seen before now are : general TME, Esprias intercessor, and l’ENE the ultimate principle. His these is exposed in the book « the three keys of the universe » where are explains the principles who conditionated all law of physics and biologie. Thanks to the new principle of « phantom gravity » in connection with dark matter by a « mass threshold » inversely proportional to the collapse of a star on itself, quantum decoherence would become the link between the two.

Thermocoin for Thermopyles battle : symbol of resistance, freedom, sacrifice, courage, confrontation, adaptation, research of solutions, humanity, progression, transformation, evolution, competition, love, life and ethernity.

Elran Valceka